Umpire with Bromsgrove Hockey Club

Umpire with Bromsgrove Hockey Club

By Dawn Tomlinson
6 November
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Give something back to the sport you love! We're on a quest to get more adults and young people involved in umpiring with our club. See how...

Bromsgrove Hockey Club is on the quest to get more adults and young people involved in umpiring with our club.

Umpiring is a great way to be involved in hockey. It gives you the opportunity to give something back to the sport you love, whilst also helping to widen participation.

We're here to support you every step of the way to becoming a regular official at matches for our junior and/or senior sides.

Step 1 - Learn The Rules

Get started today by signing up to the England Hockey Hockey Hub for free! Visit the Hockey Hub.

Here you can access loads of resources including their easy-to-digest Rules of Hockey online course, which breaks down umpiring terminology, hand signals to use and includes videos/diagrams to help familiarise you with gameplay.

The course also includes test questions to quiz yourself on everything you've learned, and at the end you'll receive a certificate as well as access to the complete FIH Rules of Hockey as a pdf download.

Step 2 - Give it a go

If you're already playing for us be sure to let your coach know you'd like to be in charge of the whistle for a bit at practice! They'll be able to plan game-style drills during upcoming training sessions for you to give it a go.

When you're ready, let our Umpire Secretary Sam know your Saturday availability, so we can find you an appropriate match to officiate. We'll always try to pair new umpires with another experienced umpire, so you get the most out of your experience.

Try using our special Umpiring Headsets at home games, the radios allow you to stay in constant contact with your co-umpires, making harder decisions easier to call with feedback between both parties.

Step 3 - Join a Course

New or inexperienced umpires are also recommended to register for a Level 1 Umpire Award - a practical skills course which will give you an excellent introduction to umpiring hockey and will equip you with confidence to do so effectively.

Upcoming courses

Sunday 17th November 2019Cannock HCErasmus Darwin Academy WS7 3QWInfo/Booking
Sunday 26th January 2020Lichfield HCEastern Avenue WS13 7PJInfo/Booking
If you'd like to attend a course but cant make these dates let us know. With enough interest we may be able to arrange a course at Bromsgrove HC or closer by in the future.

Courses cost £55 per person and with our Umpire Support Fund Bromsgrove HC will refund £25 to members/friends who book and attend a course. We'll then reimburse the rest after you've completed L1 assessment to become fully qualified.

Even better, members can receive up to £60 subsidy on membership fees, once you've umpired for the club successfully over 6 times during the season!

NB. If you plan to attend the course you'll need to complete the full Rules of Hockey online course test (mentioned above) to receive your course-ready certificate.

Still need some encouragment? Get inspired, check out this youtube video from England Hockey.

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