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Registering Juniors - A User Guide for Parents 2023

Registering Juniors - A User Guide for Parents 2023

Dawn Ankrett18 Aug 2023 - 17:50
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We've put together some helpful tips for parents if you're registering your child(ren) with us for the first time.


The club operates using Pitchero. Pitchero is a web-based platform that hosts our website and enables team management and communication with parents and players. It also allows you to set up payments for membership and access team-only information. By clicking 'Join' on our homepage you are effectively registering with the club through Pitchero.

Go to and use the link in the top right of the page to 'Join'.

Note: We advise completing registration (Steps 1, 2 & 3 below) using a desktop computer as the mobile version does not always show the relevant options.


Step 1 - Joining as a Parent

IMPORTANT: Pitchero is designed to have one (or both) parents registered individually using your own email address and contact details. The parent(s) account can then link a child account, which should only hold the child's DOB. Data protection prohibits holding personal contact details of anyone under the age of 14.

  1. Sign up using your email address and complete all necessary fields, click 'Join this club'.
  2. Next, you will be asked a series of consents relating to the club and Pitchero.
  3. Next, select your role(s) (be sure to select 'Parent' on this page).
  4. Next, type the name of your child. If they do not appear in the drop-down choose 'Click here if your child is not in the list'. Add your child's name and select a team using the dropdown...
Note: Please use the table below to determine which team to select for your child at this registration stage. Other teams (such as if they play for Mixed/Boys/Girls/Badgers/Adults teams) can be applied at a later stage (see Step 2).
Child's AgeSelect Team
Under 6yrsU6
6-7U8 Training
8-9U10 Training
10-11Select one: U12 Boys Training / U12 Girls Training
12-13Select one: U14 Boys Training / U14 Girls Training
13-15Select one: U16 Boys / U16 Girls

Your membership request will be approved by a Club Admin as soon as possible. Once approved you will receive an email with a link asking you to confirm your email address. Please ensure you confirm using this link.


Step 2 - Confirming Your Details

IMPORTANT: Now that your account has been set up, we need key contact information to finish the registration process.

  1. From the homepage click 'Login'.
  2. Once you're logged in, select the Green Person next to 'Hi (YOUR NAME)' on the top right. From the pop-out menu select 'Your Account'.
  3. From the Overview page, click 'Your Membership Information' and make sure your personal contact details are up-to-date.
  4. Don't forget to click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.
IMPORTANT: Please add a telephone phone number which we can use to contact you in case of any issues at training or tournaments if you are not present. Please do not ‘hide/lock' these details as we are unable to contact you in the case of an emergency if we are not authorised to see the information.

Next up, from the Overview page, in the top navigation you will see your child's/children's.

  1. Click on their name and click 'Update Info/Membership Information’.
  2. For each child please update the DOB field, next of kin information and your consent preferences.
  3. Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.
IMPORTANT: IT IS CRITICAL WE HAVE YOUR CHILD’S DOB as all team assignments are made based on this information. Please ensure NO email address is entered for your child. Please click on the lock for phone number and DOB so that we can view them when completing Club Admin tasks.

Once your child is registered you can add additional teams to your child's profile by the following:

  • Return to the Your Account > Overview page and select your child's name, then select 'Manage Roles'.
  • Under the title 'Player for' you will see a list of the teams your child has been added to. You can request for them to be added to additional teams, next to the title 'Player for' click 'Manage'. Scroll down the page and click 'Apply' next to the appropriate team(s).


Step 3 - Membership Payments

We ask that you use Pitchero to set-up your child's Membership payment.

  1. Log in and select the Green Person next to 'Hi (YOUR NAME)' on the top right. From the menu select 'Your Account'.
  2. On the Overview page, select 'Payments' from the top of the page.
  3. On the Payments page select 'View Products', this will bring up a list of memberships. [*]Click 'View All' underneath the first row of these to expand the list to show all our membership options.
  4. Look for the membership type appropriate to your child (see below) and click through to 'Buy Product'.
  5. Complete payment instructions.
Note: You might see a membership package has already been allocated, however, if the package is not suitable you can view all our membership options by clicking 'View All Products'.

PLAYERS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR SELECTION UNLESS THEY HAVE PAID. You must set up a payment option by the membership deadline (usually mid-October).

The following standard membership options are available on this page. Select the membership that applies to your child.

MembershipForCost (2023-2024)
Junior Club MembershipJuniors (under 18) who attend weekly training and/or Sunday matches/tournaments. (Excludes match fees)£110 Single Payment or £12.25 DD over 9 months
Juniors Playing Saturday HockeyJuniors under 18yrs who play for Badgers and/or one of our Adults (Ladies, Mens or Mixed) teams. (Includes match fees)£180 Single Payment or £20.20 DD over 9 months
StudentPlayers over 18yrs and in full time education, who play for one of our Adults (Ladies, Mens or Mixed) teams. (Includes match fees)£180 Single Payment or £20.20 DD over 9 months

Bromsgrove Hockey Club operates a policy that no one should be prevented from participating in sport due to financial circumstances. Any person who has concerns should contact our Junior Chair and Club Development Officer in confidence, Dee Martin.


Step 4 - Updating Availability

All matches and tournaments are entered by the relevant age group Manager on Pitchero and availability requests are sent out.

The easiest way to respond is to download the Pitchero 'Club' App on your smartphone, or enter availability by logging into the website from a desktop.

Via the App

  • Login to the app from your smartphone/tablet
  • Select ‘My schedule’ (a diary icon along the bottom of the screen)
  • Select your child
  • Click on the fixture and select the option for if they are available or not.
Via a desktop
  • Login to the site (
  • Log in and select the Green Person next to 'Hi (YOUR NAME)' on the top right. From the menu select 'Your Account'.
  • On the Overview page, select 'Schedule' from the top of the page.
  • Select your child's name and update availability against each session. When selecting availability where there are more than one options for that date, please select ‘maybe’ and in the notes state which of the tournaments your child is available to attend.
Please note - If selected for a fixture you will receive a second prompt to confirm your child's attendance, follow the same process to view the schedule which will highlight the game they have been selected for. Click the selection to state if your child can play.

The schedule can be viewed and you can amend availability at any time. At some times you may receive an email (or notification via the app) to update your availability or selection.


At the beginning of the season, all tournaments will be uploaded onto the website for the relevant Sex/Age group, allowing calendars to be updated accordingly. Please go onto the website/ap asap and update your/your child/children’s availability for the relevant matches/tournaments to allow the Coaches and Captains to make selection decisions. If for any reason their availability subsequently changes, this can be easily amended.


We hope this information helps. If you need any further support please speak to your Team Coordinator in the first instance who may be able to help or provide details of who to speak to.

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